Trip back to NZ

We had a quick trip back to NZ last week to surprise Karen’s mum for her 50th.  It was a cool plan – we gave mum 2 tickets to Wellington for her birthday and tickets to the World of Wearable Art show, and so she thought that this was her birthday surprise.  She didn’t know that we landed in Wellington an hour before they did… so there were smiles and tears and it was an awesome way to surprise her.  We spent our days visiting shops and cafes in Wellington, and all went to the WOW show which was totally spectacular and much better than we could ever have imagined it would be.  (Unfortunately no photos were allowed!).  We then detoured to Napier to see Dre’s Baka and Dad and family, and then to Auckland to see Dre’s mum and family and our friends.  We managed to squeeze lots in and it turned out to be a really good trip.  To see all of our photos from the trip, mostly of the party at Katie’s house with our friends, click here.

Picture 449.jpg Picture 470.jpg

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