Whale Watching and Butchart Gardens

We spent a day at both the gardens and Whale watching.  We arrived at the gardens with perfect timing – before any of the main hordes of tourists so mostly had the gardens to ourselves.  It was another beautiful day and there were so many gorgeous flowers and gardens.  We then went back to Victoria, and after lunch went to the Whale watching place and got all rugged up in boiler suits for out on the water.  We went in a high speed zodiac which went about 60 km/h most of the time except when we were edging up to Whales and Porpoises and Seals.  We saw 3 Minky Whales and probably 50 Porpoises, and lots of Seals as well.  We also saw our first Bald Eagle!  Our photos are here.



So far we’ve had an amazing time in Victoria – we love it here!  We have spent a lot of time in massive parks, wow the scale of things here is definitely super-sized.  The trees are massive, the parks, the cars, the food, everything is big!

vic harbour.JPG

Victoria Parliament Buildings on the harbour on our first night here.

We went up to Craigdarroch castle on the recommendation of our hosts at our B&B in Victoria, which then led us by accident to Government gardens where we ended up spending a couple of hours wandering and looking at the Olympic Mountains in Washington which you can see very clearly from here.  We have been so lucky with the weather and are still having blue sky days which we are very pleased about.  We’ve also spent lots of time wandering around the harbour, we think that this harbour at night is the most beautiful we have ever seen, and also hanging out in our beautiful room.  Originally we were thinking of staying at the Empress, but had read and heard that the rooms are getting quite run down so found another lovely B&B – and it’s the best place we have stayed ever…. the bathroom is about as big as our old lounge was and the bath is so massive it’s like an actual spa pool.  Woohoo!!

dre in spa.JPG

Dre in our bath and Karen having a Bloody Ceasar at the Fairmont Empress.

karen empress.JPG

Tomorrow we are going to Butchart gardens and also Whale watching which we are very excited about!

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