The Blue Mountains


We went up to the Blue Mountains for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  We had heard about an amazing walk called ‘The National Pass’ and decided this would be a fun thing to do in combination with a mini-holiday to the Blue Mountains.  The day before we left Sydney the weather was forecast to be very cold and rainy up in the mountains – and so luckily we packed all of our warmest clothes.  When we woke up on the first morning it was freezing, but we got rugged up and set off for our walk.  While we were waiting at the train station we watched what we thought was an amazing rain storm roll in over the hills, what we didn’t realise is that the reason why it looked so cool was because it was actually snow!  We were soon in the middle of a snow storm, outside in the freezing mountains with icy, icy wind.  It soon passed though and blue skies were once again, so we set off.  The walk is 4 hours long so when we were 20 mins into it and we got stranded in a hail storm, we were seriously thinking about turning back and doing the walk the next day.  But again the skies cleared to blue, so we continued on.  Within minutes we were so glad that we had kept going, we were rewarded with the most beautiful walk we have done.  Many places along the way we could see over 20 kms over the mountain ranges, it was jaw-dropping and just amazing.  The weather added to the beauty as well, with the blue mist from the mountains and the blue skies, the waterfalls were sparkling and almost deep blue… very cool to see.  The photo above shows the light reflecting off the waterfalls, this is what is really looked like.  Next time any of you come to Sydney you really must go out to the Blue Mountains and do this walk, it really is worth the trip.

Karen and View.JPG

Dre and Snow.JPG

Dre getting snowed on!

Dre and steep stairs.JPG Waterfall1.JPG

Dre and the steep stairs, and another waterfall.

Standing behind waterfall.JPG

This one we are standing behind the waterfall.  We have lots of cool photos, if you want to see them click here.

Our 10th Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago it was the 10th Anniversary of when we met.  To celebrate, we decided to have a holiday in the Hunter Valley, relaxing and drinking lots of wine ;)


We did a fantastic winery tour – the best one we’ve ever done, and as well as drinking good wine and sampling fresh Hunter Valley produce, we spent a day in the Hunter Valley Gardens.  Everything about the holiday was superb and it was an absolutely perfect way to spend some time.  You can see our photos here.