Another Anniversary

Our 8th wedding anniversary began in Trat with a journey to the Cambodian border.  We got our first glimpses of ocean again as we traveled along the narrowest part of Thailand to reach the border.

Floating lodge

3rd time lucky, we made it into Cambodia!  After our first two attempts a couple of years ago when war broke out and the town we arrived in got evacuated, this was a welcome easy border crossing.

Staying at the floating lodge

We were really lucky to have found an awesome floating lodge in the Cardomom Mountains to stay in, and we definitely picked a winner – they picked us up from the border, took us for a special anniversary lunch, and then down to their pier to get to the floating tents which are only reachable by river.

Karen on our anniversary

The river journey was beautiful and as we headed further into the jungle we were really interested at how different it was to our rivers in Laos.

Sunset in the river

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the surroundings, seeing wildlife and swimming in the river.

Cambodian lodge

Dinner at the lodge was amazing and we spent hours looking at the stars – in this remote environment with no lighting or biting insects, it may have been the most stars we’ve seen anywhere in the world.

A very awesome day and definitely an anniversary to remember.