The Sydney Dust Storm


A couple of weeks ago now, we both woke up at about 4am as it had been such a hot day the day before that we were too hot to sleep.  We opened the door to let some cold wind in and as dawn started to break got freaked out by the strange orange glow in the sky.  We couldn’t figure out what it was – fog with an orange sunrise?  Then it started to smell funny, so we shut the door and just looked outside in awe for the next hour or so.  Finally at about 7am the first report came on the internet telling us what it was – a crazy dust storm!  It  is like nothing we  have ever seen before and was a truly amazing sight to see.  Unfortunately all of that time spent with the door open and the cold wind blowing in meant that our entire house was now covered with very thick orange dust!!  Part of the fun we guess?