Shop Life

Life outside the shop hasn’t really existed too much in the past week or two. We have achieved so much in the shop such as getting new shelves put up, varnishing them, finishing the kitchen benches and getting all appliances set up, painting the toilet floor and door, cleaning upstairs so we have a nice lounge and work area (for now, before we open it to customers), getting our new signs made and putting more information on the website.  We also got given our first pet, a Rhinocerous beetle, which we kept for about a week, got it a friend, but then they were so smelly that we let them go into the wild again.  (Who knew beetles could smell so bad?)

We have managed to get a cleaner, someone to work in the bar, and hopefully someone to cook for us. We have been advertising around town for more staff and hopefully soon we can find more people who have some English to come and work with us.

We are super excited about our friends from Australia coming to visit, Paul and Nerida arrive tonight so we will have a few days off and show them around the area. A few photos of the shop progress are here.