Dre’s 30th

We started off the day out at the cafe that had become our regular Savusavu breakfast cafe.  Mella, one of the Fijian waitresses that we had gotten to know over the days gave Dre a big piece of chocolate cake for his birthday, so that was a good start to the day!


We then went home and walked out to the snorkelling reef and saw heaps of brittle stars, and lots of reef fish.  Also this is the edge of the reef, we thought it looked cool in the eerie mist.


sigasnorkel1.JPG sigasnorkel.JPG

sigasnorkel3.JPG sigasnorkel2.JPG

We then headed back into the town for lunch and some drinks, by the time we got to dinner (where the Fijian lady came and collected us from the bar in classic Fiji style) we were both a bit worse for wear and Dre thought it was a good idea to order for dinner a milkshake, 3 entrees and a main…but he ate them all and it was exquisite food. 

30th2.JPG 30th3.JPG