Snorkelling in the river and the reef


We were very lucky to have lots of tropical fish in the river right on our doorstep.  Most days we fed them coconut and just in the 10 days we were at Salt Lake Lodge the fish that fed off the pontoon got noticeably bigger.  Andy also took us out to the reef when we wanted so we could go snorkelling out there which was really cool.  Dre saw a big reef shark about 6ft long, and we saw many many corals and amazing fish.  Unfortunately we also found out that our underwater camera that we bought just before this trip doesn’t take very good photos!  We took lots of photos but most of them didn’t come out very well.  The water was crystal clear but in many of the photos it looks a bit murky, and many of them were out of focus… what a shame but at least we got to see it all.