Katie and Nicole’s visit

Luang Namtha's golden stupa

A few days before Katie and Nicole arrived, we unexpectedly received an email from our NZ friend Katie saying she was in south east Asia and would love to come and visit us!  We were really excited to see Katie, who we probably haven’t seen for about 8-9 years.  We worked out that we probably saw each other last time in London, when Katie was living there and we were travelling in Europe.

Luang Namtha on motorbikes

Katie and Nicole fitted into our Lao lifestyle really well, going out kayaking and trekking in the jungle, riding around with us on motorbikes and having loads  of fun.

It was great that Nicole owned a motorbike back in Australia, because it meant that driving on some of the crazy Lao roads wasn’t an issue for her and so we could go some really cool places.

Road trip!

Nicole decided she wanted to go to the Kao Rao caves on her birthday, so we took Katie, Nicole, Lizzie and Alex out to see the caves, and had a very enjoyable day out followed by many cocktails afterwards.

It was awesome to catch up with Katie after all these years and to meet Nicole,  so much so that we’re hoping to convince them to come back and help us in Luang Namtha for a while…. we’ll see what happens!

Rice fields Luang Namtha