In love with Luang Namtha

Within moments of arriving back in Laos we were reminded of our love for this country.  We had been offered food and drink, seats to sit in, and a shady umbrella all in our first 5 minutes back in the country.  Then our driver suggested he would wait for us while we ate lunch… everyone is just so accommodating and nice here.  Then on arrival in Luang Namtha, Kumbai who met us last time ran after our van and insisted on carrying our luggage up to our room for us.  Then Thong and Paet came around and we went back to their place for dinner, while others in town were waving at us and welcoming us  back to town.  We’ve made no secret of how much we love it here, and so Dre decided it was time for him to do another post:

10 things we love about Luang Namtha:

1. Having a good time is the national pastime, which is much more important than working.

2. The amazing variety and freshness of fruits and vegetables from temperate to tropical species many of which come straight from the jungle.

3. The warm smiles you get from people hundreds of times every single day.

4. People who have very little material wealth inviting you into their homes and giving you their food and drink wanting nothing in return.

5. The lush green-forested hills contrasted with the deep blue skies.

6. Seeing tribes living a hunter gatherer lifestyle from bamboo huts 10 km away from espresso coffee and wifi.

7. The locals not minding if you are looking or buying; they are just glad you came.

8. The amazing, pure children completely uncorrupted by video games, cell phones or TV content to joyously wave at you while playing with bits of stick or the occasional dead snake.

9. The laidback atmosphere, there is no hurry, no pressure, no stress…bopan yang (no problem).

10. The local people are genuinely caring, friendly and kind they are always happy to see you back again like a long lost friend.

We love you Luang Namtha!!!!