Holiday Time

Travelling Thailand

After a couple of days in Chiang Rai, we headed off for some exploring. Our first stop was Trat, a small town that we’ve briefly flown into and then got a van out of years ago when we went to Koh Chang, but had never spent any time in until now.

Wildlife in eastern Thailand

We were pleasantly surprised by the loveliness of the town, we had sort of expected it to be just a place to rest before heading to Cambodia, but we ended up really enjoying ourselves.

Wandering around Trat

Dre found a beautiful river walkway and we spent hours wandering along it, watching monkeys play in the vegetation across the river, discovering a 3m+ long snake skin stretched out to dry, and chatting with various locals.  We admired a lot of the houses along the river, mostly just simple shacks but with such an amazing location and river breeze.

Trat Thailand

We also spent far more time than we had anticipated exploring the abundant alleyways, seemingly endless cute little lanes almost all lined with plants made for a really pleasant time exploring.

Lovely Trat

Overall Trat was a really cool little place to spend some time, and we’re fully recharged and ready for our Cambodian adventure!