Nong Kiau

Nong Kiau Northern Laos

This year we decided to spend our wedding anniversary in Nong Kiau.  We pretty much spent our time watching the river and view, eating good food and even managed to catch up with some new friends who we met in Luang Namtha.

Beautiful scenery in Nong Kiau

We also spent the best part of a day walking around and looking at all the new development in Nong Kiau as well as the limestone karsts and river.  The town has come quite a long way since we were last here with sealed roads, and lots of new accommodation and restaurants.  Once again we didn’t manage to make it up to Muang Ngoi, (each time we go to Nong Kiau we think about going to Muang Ngoi) because we were having too much of a good time in Nong Kiau.  Maybe next time…