Shanti shanti

This post goes out to our awesome French friends Ben and Fafa!  During our time on Koh Lanta we have become really close friends with these amazing brothers who spend part of the year in their hometown in the south of France, part of the year  in northern India, and part of the year here in Koh Lanta running their shop Shanti Shanti.

What Ben and Fafa do, they do with passion.  Never before have we met people who put so much of their hearts and souls into everything they do.  Their ice cream is to die for.  After we visited Italy, Karen didn’t eat icecream anymore.  Because nothing compares, nothing tastes as good… until we tried Ben and Fafa’s ice cream, which is now, in both of our opinions, definitley the best in the world.  Each time we visited their shop, which was often daily, one of these boys would excitedly tell us their new flavour of the day – they would make new flavours every single day and all of them were outstanding, and original, or something someone had suggested the day before so they thought they’d give it a go.  Our favourite flavours are lavender (which is seriously like walking through the lavender fields of southern France with your tongue out!), mango chilli sorbet, cinnamon, apple cinnamon, basil, banana pineapple sorbet, ginger sorbet, tumeric, thyme and paprika, star anise… and yes the list does go on.

On top of amazing ice cream, they source cool clothes and jewellery from northern India, and also are DJ’s.  They used to host massive parties in France with more than 1000 people, and it really shows!  The parties that we went to with Ben and Fafa DJing was the coolest vibe, the coolest music and the best time ever.  They are just so passionate about their music and it shows.

Anyway, Ben and Fafa, we just wanted to say we think you’re awesome, and you’ll definitely see us again, whether you visit us in Laos, or we visit you in Lanta or India or France, or all of the above, we can’t wait!  Anyone visiting Koh Lanta definitely needs to pay these boys a visit – for ice cream and personalities you will never forget.