Chiang Rai (again)

It has been a good week back in Chiang Rai with Ben and Christerine at the house.  We have spent time riding on the dirt roads through the plantations around the house, visiting another waterfall, as well as using the afternoons to work on our next project together.  We went to Doi Tung gardens, the Thai King’s mother’s environmental project which was so inspiring – the area, about 2 hours north of Chiang Rai was pretty much deforested, barren land used for growing opium and not a lot else.  In less than 2 decades, the entire area has been re-forested, and the locals who used to depend on selling their opium for income have all been given opportunities to grow coffee, and also be paid for planting more trees.  All of them have been rehabilitated for opium addiction, and the entire community and landscape has been changed by this amazing woman’s initiative.  Dre has also drunk much of this coffee and appreciates the queen mothers effort ;)

Yesterday we celebrated 6 months travelling, it’s hard to believe we have now been seeing this beautiful world for 6 whole months, time flies when you’re having so much fun!  We are truly grateful for the fantastic time we have had so far, and can’t wait for many more amazing and fulfilling experiences.  This is definitely the most awesome period of our lives so far.  Bring on more travels!!!!  Our photos are here.