Relaxation Time!

After spending the past 2 months dealing with burn recovery, we thought it was time to have a holiday with all the trimmings.

Well deserved holiday in Chiang Rai

Our criteria was good food, awesome views, nature immersion, and a gym and pool for Karen to exercise her leg.

travelling Chiang Rai

We managed to achieve all of the above, and spent a week and a half away with a few days nearer to Chiang Rai to take advantage of all the different restaurants, and then moved into the mountains an hour north of Chiang Rai in Mae Chan, for several more days.

Mae Chan mountains

Our views were stunning and we had the best Salmon dish since Canada which we were pretty excited about.

Mae Chan views

Time during this holiday was only spent doing a few things: watching the view, going to the gym, swimming in the pool, eating amazing food, reading and plenty of doing nothing at all in between.  It worked out perfectly.

Relaxation in Chiang Rai

And the best news of all, is that Karen managed to increase her distance on the treadmill each day, and was even able to let go of the handles by the end of our time there.  She has now managed 3 days without crutches!  Her leg is getting stronger by the day and so the next goal is to walk properly and normally just like before.  For now lifting the heel and muscle and tendon pain is still a challenge that Karen plans to overcome in the coming weeks.

No crutches!

Our next stop is back to Luang Namtha to (literally) watch the rice grow.