New Year Getaway

Mountains around Luang NamthaWe decided to spend a few days motorbiking around northern Laos again.  These days we are fully staffed usually 3-4 days a week, so we like to take advantage of these days and go away usually every second week or so.  This time we pretty much just spent time admiring the scenery here (yeah, so what’s new?) and chilling out.  The day before we left, Guan, our Lanten tribe staff member had the day off to make sticky rice parcels in her village, so she brought one in for us to sustain us on the first day of our journey.  It was pretty good, but extremely sticky, and it resulted in having very sticky fingers until we arrived at the hotel because no amount of washing would get it off!  (The one time we left our hand sanitiser at home!)

Northern LaosDre’s burn from the motorbike is healing really nicely too, he has been telling everyone a tiger scratched him and some people actually believe him so it’s pretty funny!  Our next adventure will be to the Lanten and Sida new year celebrations in late January, Korlee (Sida tribe) and Guan (Lanten tribe) have asked us to go and support their village so we’re closing the shop and taking everyone with us to party!  Our photos of the past few days are here.