In the Canadian Wilderness (almost)


We have absolutely loved our time in Jasper.  We arrived to this gorgeous view of Lake Beauvert, which our lodge is on the edge of.  Our first afternoon was spent walking around the lake, mind blowing beauty surrounded us…. every view of this enormous horse-shoe shaped lake is different and the turquoise-green water is crystal clear.  We saw some Elk eating on the path and then wade into the water to drink.  They’re huge!!  Bigger than horses, it’s crazy to think that they are wild animals wandering around us. 


We walked through part of the Golf course and then came back and had a delicious meal at one of the lodge restaurants overlooking Mt Edith Cavell.  The next day we went rafting, which at this time of year is really just floating as the snow hasn’t melted much yet and in fact the rafting only opened the day before we took our trip.  It was beautiful though, snow and ice edged glacial blue water to float down is not our idea of a bad day.  Then we pretty much just chilled and lit a huge fire in our room.  We want to come back here for a couple of weeks next time!  It’s been fantastic.  Our photos are here.