South Lombok

View our location map at  Kuta, Lombok

Stunningly rugged coastline, deserted beaches, some of the whitest sand and clearest turquoise water we have ever seen, and horribly aggressive touts on the main Kuta beach, is how we would sum up southern Lombok.  Plus awesome Lombok coffee (better than Bali coffee).  The Sasak people, in our limited experience, seem a lot harsher than Balinese, harrassing tourists at every step and never taking ‘no’ for an answer.  In saying that, there are always exceptions and we did meet some truly lovely people.  In general though we felt the ‘big white ATM’ tag that circulates around Asia very strongly here.  The saving grace was the immense beauty of the area.  We hired a scooter for a couple of days and the breathtaking coastline more than made up for any frustration that the touts caused.  (And it was fun speeding away from them on the scooter too!)  We had the most awesome time tiki-touring around and finding deserted beach after deserted beach, it really was stunning.  We would swim, dry quickly in the heat, get back on the bike and find the next beautiful beach.  The roads are atrocious, and definitely put Dre’s scootering skills to the test – but he passed with flying colours and we have survived to see another day!  Our photos are here.