Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

We had an awesome anniversary weekend, which started by going up to Palm Beach and catching the ferry across to Mackerel Beach.  We took a picnic and wine and spent the day over there, a beautiful white sand beach with not another soul to be seen, and bushwalks in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.  We went on a bushwalk and found a bush turkey, and heaps of jumping bull ants!  These ants can bite and sting, and have massive orange pincers and are about 2cm long.  They are a bluey colour and are a bit scary.  (OK, just Karen was scared.)  Lots of people who get bitten apparently develop an allergy to them and get a swollen ankle/leg if they are bitten on the foot, and the pain lasts for weeks.  We were pretty keen to get close enough to have a look but not so close that we’d become their next victims!!!  We escaped unscathed but it definitely added some excitement to the day.  Mainly we lazed around on the beach and went for swims, it was a lovely day.  We took lots of photos, which you can see here.