Koh Kong

Cambodia Koh Kong

Nestled between the Cardomom Mountains and the ocean, Koh Kong ended up being a pretty good place for us to spend our time in Cambodia.

Koh Kong Mangroves

We spent some more time at the floating resort, and then set about exploring the area.  We walked through a huge mangrove forest – very different from the mangroves at home – and climbed up a tower to see views over the extensive mangrove and river systems.

Ocean Cambodia

A nice surprise for us was the discovery of the beach, mainly this area is marketed as river and jungle eco systems, so our first swim in the ocean this trip happened to be in Cambodia, rather than waiting for Lanta.

Cambodia Koh Kong

The water was warm and nice, and each day we would drive through the trees and undergrowth to find our own little spot on this completely deserted beach.

The way to the beach
Riding our motorbike to find the beach

Our mission to eat local food was harder than we anticipated, and after days of perseverance we managed to find the best black pepper crab ever, seriously neither of us think we have ever had crab that good before so we went back for the exact same dish the next day.  We also loved the Cardamom curry, with fresh cardamom from the mountains it was like no other curry we’ve had before.

Cambodian Black Pepper Crab

During our time here we had the idea to visit the huge Tatai waterfall, and each day we were too lazy to drive out there, finally on the last day though we made the 20km trip and it was amazing!

Waterfall fun

The waterfall was made up of so many terraces, it was easy to find many places to swim and hang off the edge and look at the river and trees below.  This turned out to be the best way to spend our last day in Cambodia.

Waterfall Cambodia

Now we’re heading back to our beloved Lanta to catch up with our friends!