Gili Air Paradise

Well they don’t call Gili Air “Paradise Island” for nothing.  We spent 10 days here and we are willing to make the big call that it may have been our best 10 days in one location ever.  Yup, it was pretty special.  The friends we made (and now can’t wait to go back and visit), the atmosphere, and the beauty all made for perfect relaxation.  There is no doubt we will be going back to Gili Air.  The team at Santay where we stayed were beyond awesome, and apart from reliable internet (!!) there is nothing more we could have wished for while staying there.  By chance we made good friends with Jakar who we later found out was the “godfather” of the Island, with an entourage to meet any need or whim always at his beck and call.  We were priviledged to be invited to his house a few times (the flashest house on the Island by far) and partied with him and his friends many times.  Our photos of our time in paradise are here.