Food, glorious food!

It would be hard to come to Malaysia, and especially Penang without writing about food.  In fact, part of the reason we came here was because of the food.  On our first couple of days we gorged ourselves on food that was quite simply, sublime.  The following few days we were slighly more restrained… and were getting to the point where all the sugar, salt and oil was a bit much!  The one disappointing thing has been the lack of healthy food – something which we have been quite surprised about considering Penang’s international reputation for all things delicious.  It was only once we got to KL that there were Indian foods that were healthy and some sushi.  We have tried the best laksa ever, many good noodle dishes, and many, many, many sweets and desserts.  We plan to do LOTS of excercise in Thailand!!!  So, how much food can two people eat in a week?  To see the weird and wonderful stuff we have eaten, see our photos here.  Disclaimer:  This will only be interesting to our foodie friends – you know who you are!