Stranded in Chiang Rai (briefly)

We spent our first couple of days rushing around, as usual, buying stuff and riding around trying to find things that we need and cannot buy in Laos.  So on our third night, we were pretty exhausted and we were preparing to leave the following morning.  Dre wanted to visit the woodfired pizza place, and check out their oven as well as eat their pizza, so we went there for dinner.  A few minutes after we sat down, torrential rain started and within about an hour the whole street had flooded.  This isn’t too unusual for rainy season, so we didn’t think much of it and just waited til it eased a bit before we rode home.

But, the rain didn’t stop all night or all morning the next day so it meant that the streets were too flooded for us to leave Chiang Rai.  We didn’t mind too much, we got some time to relax and then when it cleared up in the afternoon spent some time riding around the non-flooded streets and outskirts of town seeing some cool temples that we hadn’t seen yet.

We saw some awesome views and also found another cool temple in the distance that we want to try and find next time we’re here.  Tim when you get here, we have heaps of cool things for you to ride to with us and see!  Tomorrow, if the rain holds off, we’ll head back to Luang Namtha.  Our photos are here.