Lighthouse Park


The last couple of days we have been chilling around Commercial Drive and Trout Park near our house, and also we took a trip out to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.  Lighthouse Park was absolutely beautiful and we were so glad we made the effort to get out there.  We spent the day walking all of the trails and hanging out on the cliffs, looking over the water back onto the city of Vancouver and also the forests.  It was probably our best day here so far, again beautiful weather (still cold!) but sunny and blue skies.  It was really nice to do something out of the city and we can highly recommend going there! You can see our photos here.


A very long day

On 22nd April we woke up in the Mercure Wolli Creek, near Sydney airport at 5.45am in preparation for our flight to Vancouver.  After our first buffet breakfast of the trip, we went to the airport and checked in, Karen did some work on the laptop and Dre did his favourite airport activity – looking at watches.  We boarded our Air Canada flight, got introduced to our new favourite drink, Clamato juice (spicy tomato juice with clam broth – sounds disgusting but is delicious) and 14 hours later landed in Vancouver at 7am on 22nd April….. already the day had been long but it was only just beginning!!  We got these awesome views from the plane as we were landing – blue skies (although it looks grey through the camera and thick plane window), and a city surrounded by snow capped mountains and water – woohoo, the beginning our our next adventure!


Vancouver from the plane window.
After arriving at our B&B, our lovely host Greg made us breakfast and we set out for the day.  We wandered along Commercial Drive for a while and then took the skytrain and walked for about 45 mins along the river to Granville Island markets – the food was amazing and we pigged out on smoked Salmon and beer (Dre).  We had Salmon jerky, spicy pepper smoked salmon and maple syrup smoked salmon – yum!


View of the city and mountains while walking to Granville markets.

We went back to Commercial Drive, had dinner, and managed to stay up til about 10pm to get our body clocks on Vancouver time before crashing and having a big long sleep.

You can see our photos here.