15 Years Together

We arrived back in Chiang Rai to have a couple of days time out to celebrate 15 years together and also get some fire bricks for the base of the pizza oven.

Chiang Rai Chill Out

It ended up being a really nice way to spend our 15th anniversary since we met.  We stayed in a nice place and spent our days swimming and walking as well as using the gym to further strengthen Karen’s leg.

Chiang Rai

We also discovered a new weird fruit – with hard yellow flesh near the skin and bright red seeds inside.

New fruit in Thailand

We had several good meals at our favourite Japanese restaurants and just generally chilled before heading back, yet again, to Luang Namtha.  This month has been so much travelling between Thailand and Laos, it’s been really good though to make so much progress towards Project Laos part 2 and also combine that with relaxing in Thailand.