Road Trip, Thailand Style

View our location map in Chiang Khong

Yesterday we spent the morning and early afternoon on the bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong, on the border between Thailand and Laos.  When we first got on the bus we were both a little dubious as it didn’t seem overly comfortable (especially when we had paid for the luxury bus!) we settled in though and prepared for the ride ahead.  We ended up really enjoying the scenic journey; we drove for hours through seemingly endless rice fields dotted with banana and coconut palms and with lush tropical forested mountains surrounding us.  When we arrived in Chiang Khong we were pleasantly surprised at the little town on the Mekong, a very laid back place with restaurants playing low-key old music and a really chilled vibe.  We basically spent the afternoon wandering around and seeing where we had to go for immigration and the boat across the river this morning, and looking at the view of Laos.  Today we will cross into Laos for the next part of our adventure.