Glacier Bay

Our day spent cruising Glacier Bay was the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, amazing day we have had.  Nothing compares to this scenery, and even though the Rockies were utterly mind blowing, Glacier Bay takes first place for natural beauty. (The Rockies are definitely a close second).  We spent the whole day from about 6.30am to 8pm out on our balcony, it was simply fantastic.

glacier bay1.JPG

Almost the whole day was perfect clear blue skies and still water with either reflections of the mountains, lots of ice, or a mixture of both.

glacier bay.JPG

We spent a couple of hours floating about 100m away from the Grand Pacific and Margaret glaciers (which used to be separate but are advancing and are now joined at the face).  The face of the glaciers is 22 stories high, humbling when you’re right next to it!  We spent the time here watching the glaciers ‘calve’ over and over again – the perfect day, and time of day to see this as it was sunny all day and we were there from about 5-7pm so after all the warm sun we saw the glacier calve around 20 times.  The following video is of a piece around 5 stories high falling into the water below.  Our photos are here.  Our video is here.