Temples and Monks

We have been really lucky to see the monks collecting their alms a few times. We are staying within about 100 metres to 5 different temples and so there is an abundance of monks here. The only sight we see during the day is monks walking past with their umbrellas, and only a few cars per day.

We have been spending time mainly beside the river and visiting temples, we also had a drink for Dre’s dad’s 60th birthday on the Mekong river. We found a couple of places in town that have actual wine – French wine – and this was a pretty exciting discovery! We have occasionally missed being able to have a nice glass of wine and haven’t had any ‘real’ wine since Singapore. (We have tried a couple of Asian wines – they are not what we would normally consider to be wine!) So we had a really nice evening having a glass of wine and some awesome fish hotpot. All in all we’ve had a fabulous time in the past week and tomorrow we’re off to see the largest waterfall near Luang Prabang. We’re really looking forward to the waterfall because we haven’t seen a waterfall in Asia yet! Our photos are here.