Week 8 – A Bit More Walking

17 June 2013

This week my walking has improved again.  My leg has gotten a lot stronger and now has fairly impressive muscles.  It is almost up to the size of my good leg now.

I still can’t lift my heel and so now have even more exercises from the physiotherapist to help this, and extra flexing exercises too to get my ankle flexing as much as it should.

I also attempted too ride a bicycle this week, while it was up on its stand and stationary so it had no resistance.  I pedalled for a few minutes and then the next day couldn’t walk again, so I plan to try this again this week just for a minute or two each day and build it up from there.

We are now back in Thailand for a week of rest and recovery, staying at a couple of nice places with pools and gyms so that I can do more exercise.  This morning we went to a supermarket for the first time since the accident, and by the time we got to the checkout I was having to walk with my crutches and only my right leg because my left ankle was just too sore.  Thankfully now though when I do overdo it a little, I can rest for a few hours and massage my leg and it will be better by the next day.  (Instead of being a week or so like before).

Again our burns are pretty much the same as last week, they have probably lightened a wee bit.

Healing second degree exhaust burns
My upper burn lightening
Healing from second degree burns
My lower burn also getting a bit lighter week 8
Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s burns – darker after exercise this week

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