Week 7 – A Little Bit Of Walking

10 June 2013

This week my walking has improved a lot.  I can now walk around smaller areas, such as our house or the shop without my crutches.  If I do this several times then by the end of the day my leg, ankle and foot are quite sore, if I only do it a little though it’s fine.

On Saturday I walked around quite a lot and then yesterday had to just rest all day, after my morning exercises.  I still need the crutches to get up and down the stairs, and for later in the day when my leg is sore and tired.

This week I discovered and started using a new scar gel called hiruscar which seems to have a good reputation and seems to have already started to lighten my burns.  It’s hard to tell though if they would be lightening anyway.  I am also using Vitamin E oil and Bio-oil on my burns.

I have spent a lot of time massaging my sore muscles and tendons with Antiflamme and slowly but surely my leg is getting stronger every day.

The lower burn now has white dots in it like the top one did and the top one has lightened a lot.  I still find that even walking or doing the flexing exercises darkens the burns a lot, if I take a photo late in the day the burns look much darker and brighter than in the morning.

I am still unable to lift my heel to walk so I have been working hard on this task and will continue to do so in the following week.

Dre has started to run again this week and has managed 5 runs on his leg.  His burns also darken a lot with exercise and his leg is tight but mostly is not causing any problems.

Healing from second degree burns
Upper burn getting quite a lot lighter
Recovering from second degree exhaust burns
Lower burn lightening a little now
Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s burn is also a lot darker after exercise, the side one is almost invisible now

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