Week 6 – Slow Progress

3 June 2013

This week I have been in a lot more pain than I would have imagined this far into the healing process.  The entire week I have been really torn between exercising my leg and seemingly hurting it more, or resting it and delaying progress.  I ended up spending the past couple of days just with my leg up.

While doing my exercises I have really hurt my archilles tendon and so now I actually have less movement and walking ability than I did this time last week.  I am trying to gently exercise it each day and when doing this I seem to hurt it even more.

I have managed to gain more muscle though, so I am hoping that the past 2 days resting will mend my leg enough to begin exercising properly again.  Visually the size of my leg has increased, so it’s gotta be a good thing.

Physically it seems like I haven’t really made much progress since I can now walk less than I could last week.  I am still totally reliant on my crutches to get around.

The Ahka ladies in town have been chanting and waving their hands over my leg each time I see them, so hopefully their healing energies will work!

Our burns haven’t changed much since last week:

Karen's upper burn
My upper burn
Karen's lower burn week 6
My lower burn week 6
Karen's left leg
My left leg
Dre's burn
Dre’s burn
Side view of Dre's burn - smaller burn almost not visible
Side view of Dre’s burn – smaller burn almost not visible

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