Month 3 – Slowly Increasing Fitness

24 July 2013

Yesterday marked the 3 month anniversary since the accident and we celebrated by going to the disco.  This was quite an achievement, since I managed to dance for about an hour without overbalancing or falling over. ;)

This month I have been trying to increase my balance and walking distance, and have done well walking around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.  Usually when I have a more active day my ankle is very swollen by the evening and my leg is quite sore the next day.  So in the coming month I hope to increase my fitness a lot more so that my leg feels normal again when I do simple tasks like walk around.

Now I am mostly able to ride around on the motorbike with my foot on the footrest, before the vibrations from the bike made this impossible because it hurt too much.  We have been able to make use of a couple of gyms again this month, in both Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

I am still concious of my leg and probably over protect it a bit because it still gets quite sore.

Our burns are fading well, we think, and I am using Hiruscar, Bio Oil and Vitamin E oil every day on our burns.

Here are our updated burn photos:

Dre's burn after 3 months
Dre’s burn after 3 months
Recovering from exhaust burns
My upper burn fading well
Healing from second degree burns
My lower burn fading also – month 3

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