Day 8 – Visitors, Feeling good and bad

30 April 2013

Today inside my leg was quite sore, sort of like deep inside the wound but even deeper than the wound appears to be. This is the same place it hurt a lot when I stood up yesterday. I’ve decided to just take it easy today and rest. My ankle is a bit less swollen and I’ve been rubbing Anti Flamme into it to help. All day I’m going to listen to brainwave entrainment, from Harmonic Ascension, to help with the healing. Even though I have been using this brainwave entrainment for years, it still amazes me at how good it is and how fast it works.

Today we’ve only got one bandage left and Dre is feeling quite bad, so we used it to change his dressing and didn’t change mine.  So I didn’t get a photo of my burns today.  Yesterday mine were looking so good with new skin forming over the burns that I think this is fine. Mum said that when they start looking really good then changing every second day would be fine so I’d rather Dre rest with his foot up than go out and get more.

Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s wound is healing

Dre’s foot is still really swollen today and he’s really frustrated with it. He keeps saying he had no idea burns could be so bad and half heartedly admitting that he should have been taking better care of himself.

We invited Lizzie and Alex around to come and say hello because I haven’t seen them since I’ve been house bound. It ended up being kind of bad timing because they arrived just when I was bawling my eyes out about my leg. I have been so positive all day and then I just had an hour or so where it was so sore and I still can’t stand up so and it seems like since I’ve been burned it doesn’t take much for me to cry at all.

Anyway I managed to pull myself together and realised that I didn’t really have anything to talk about because I haven’t left the house for a week now. We still had a good time but I felt sorry for Lizzie and Alex to come and see me in such a state.

We had some dinner before bed when the girls at the shop bought up some food then Dre was in bed at about 7.45pm. I am quite worried about him because he says his foot feels like hell. I took his temperature because he felt hot, but it was normal. (This involved me bum shuffling across the floor to the otherside of the house to get the thermometer and then coming back, it took quite a while!) I followed him to bed and we were both asleep by about 8pm.

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