Day 5 – Allergic reaction to the burn cream

27 April 2013

Today I have been resting again for the whole day. The half valium is definitely a good idea to get some sleep instead of being in pain all night. I am drinking a lot less water because shuffling across the floor on my bum to the toilet and then the pain in my leg when I have to get onto the toilet us just too painful, so I’m trying to minimise having to move or do anything that involves standing up on my right leg and feeling the pain in the left.

I have been getting really frustrated with Dre because there seems to be nothing I can say to him to encourage him to rest and heal his leg. His leg is looking worse today and I’m really worried that he’s not realising how serious a burn can be and not taking any time to rest and take care of himself. I just really want him to get better and he thinks he’s too tough to have to rest.

Taking the dressing off today took about half an hour of soaking off and the green burn cream seems to have irritated my skin a lot. It’s red and sore and the redness around the burn seems to have grown. It was actually harder to get the dressing off today than it was yesterday without the cream. So I’ve done my best to wash off all of the green stuff – this caused a lot of tears and pain, and after cleaning up the top burn I decided I just couldn’t face cleaning the bottom one so well and just put heaps of saline cleaning solution on it and put on a clean dressing.

Recovering from second degree burns
Green Lincomycin Hydrochloride stuck to my burn

So apart from the whole dressing changing thing today was pretty uneventful. The burns look like they’re healing nicely and look clean and healthy. I haven’t done anything other than lay on the sofa, move between the sofa and the toilet, and eat when people bring me food. I didn’t even read my book, I just lay around.

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