Day 4 – Things are starting to look up

26 April 2013

Spoke to my dad this morning and even from afar it’s really nice to have someone else to talk to and make me feeling like being a blubbering mess yesterday is not that abnormal. Dad said he got a burn from an exhaust once when he was at a motorbike day (a race track maybe?) when a guy leaned his bike on his leg. He was lucky that he was standing really near to an ambulance and just walked over and they put burn cream on it and about a week later it had healed. So Dre’s finding some burn cream today. Talked to mum a bit later when she got home and feel really happy that I’ve talked to them both. My burns are healing quite nicely but I still can’t get Dre to rest very much. We have both had to stop taking the anti-inflammatory drugs because we are feeling too sick from them. Dre’s dressings have been much easier to change than mine but his burn is looking worse than mine. I am worried that it’s because he’s not resting and is walking around too much. He just goes down to the shop and then gets side tracked talking to people there – which is fine if he’s sitting there with his leg up but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I sent mum the photos (she is a nurse) and she also thinks Dre’s leg is looking worse and has told him to rest. Maybe he will listen to her.

Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s burns are still weeping a lot

My dressing came off easier today and Dre bought some burn cream to attempt to stop the dressings from sticking so much to the clear stuff that oozes out of our legs. It is an anaesthetic and antibiotic so we are hoping it will help the healing as well as making changing the dressings easier.

Recovering from second degree burns
Karen’s top burn healing nicely

Today I have felt a lot better since stopping taking the drugs. My leg is sore, but that’s to be expected with the burns.

Healing from second degree burns
Karen’s lower burn also healing

I have perfected the sliding across the floor on my bum technique, and can get between the bedroom, lounge, and bathroom pretty easily. I still can’t walk and can’t even think about putting my leg down because the pain of the blood flowing down is so intense. I have also gotten good at showering on one leg, and can easily move around the bathroom holding onto the sink and towel rail slowly using my heal and toes of my right foot to zig zag around the room. I have to also hold my left leg up while doing this though because it needs to be above the main part of my body otherwise it hurts too much. I can even move the stuff I need in a day around fairly easily: I put my book, paracetamol, water, and phone on top of my pillow that I use to rest my leg on and bring it to the lounge in the morning, and back to the bed in the evening. I can sleep on my right side or my back without hurting my leg. Dre bought us some valium so that we can sleep with the pain and so I had half a one before heading to bed.

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