Day 3 – Worst Day Ever

25 April 2013

Well today is up there as the worst day of my life. In between feeling and being sick, and crying, there isn’t a lot I’ve done.

We decided to watch a movie in the morning and I managed to watch about the first 10 minutes of it before feeling so nauseous that I needed to put my head down near the floor. I was laying on the sofa with my legs up on the wall and my head down on the floor and every time I tried to lift my head even a little I felt so bad that I thought I would definitely faint or be sick or both. I am sure that I’ve never felt so sick for so long ever in my life – definitely I’ve felt nauseous before but for it to last a couple of hours without being able to really move at all was not good.

We now have to get all 3 meals of the day delivered to the house because I cannot walk at all, and can’t even put my leg pointing downwards because the pain is too intense. I managed to shuffle along the floor on my bum to get to the toilet and the pain in my leg was so massive that after than I could only make it to the bed and not to the sofas. Dre decided to go down and get our lunch, since for him walking doesn’t hurt. I tried to move from the bed to the sofa to eat but in the end Dre had to bring my lunch in so I could eat laying on the bed. The pain in my leg was unbelievable and before this I hadn’t realised how really painful burns are. You hear that burns are the most painful injury the human body can sustain and the hardest to heal, but until you really feel it you can’t know how intense it can be.

After while later I was still lying on the bed and took some paracetamol, and within a few minutes yelled out to Dre to bring me a bowl because I needed to be sick. A few seconds later I realised I wasn’t going to be able to wait for the bowl, so I did my one-legged best to hop and scoot across the floor to the toilet.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it despite going as fast as I could, but at least managed to be inside the bathroom when I vomited all over the floor. Crying in pain from just moving my leg and at feeling sick, Dre banished me from cleaning it up because he said I was in no state to do it. You know you’ve got a loving husband when he willingly cleans up your vomit from the floor. Nice.

From there the day did get worse. Changing the dressing took 45 minutes of soaking the dressing and burn to attempt to remove the dressing but it was just so stuck it wouldn’t come off. Because the burns are still oozing clear liquid they get stuck to the bandages easily, but you’re meant to be able to soak the dressings off with water. So after this long of tugging at my already insanely sore burn, I was a mess and was crying a lot. In the end I just had to lay on my back on the bathroom floor while Dre as gently as he could got the dressing off, with me screaming in pain while he did it. As soon as it was off I didn’t want to stop thanking him for helping me because I know that must have been the most unpleasant task made even worse by me not being able to handle it. I went into shock for about 15 minutes shivering and teeth chattering.

Healing from second degree burns
After 45 minutes to get the dressings off, my burns look like this

From there my leg basically just hurt a lot. The anti-inflammatory Mefanamic Acid is making me feel sick. Initially I thought I was feeling sick from the injury itself but I have now realised it’s the medicine. It’s made me feel so bad today that I need to stop taking it.

The staff at the shop have started taking turns to come and deliver our food because they are all curious to see where we live and also check up on our recovery. Today they pretty much saw me at my worst, with red swollen eyes, tear stained cheeks, and a bloody sore leg.

Dre is still walking around a lot and spent the parts of the afternoon that he wasn’t removing my dressing helping at the shop because it was really busy. I am worried that he’s not resting his leg, but he assures me that if it hurts he will rest it. His burn looks OK but I think maybe it’s not healing quite as nicely as mine. I will put that down to refusal to rest!

Recovery from second degree burns
Dre’s dressings weren’t easy to get off today either

Thought about calling my mum in the middle of her night in NZ several times, but talked myself out of it since waking her up is pointless when I don’t really have anything to say other than my leg hurts! To bed early tonight, thankfully the drugs help us sleep well.

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