Day 20 – Finally Drug Free and Feeling Awesome!

12 May 2013

Today when we changed our dressings both of our burns had big bits of scab loose from the wound but still stuck on so we had to cut the flappy bits off with scissors.  I made Dre sterilise the scissors first by boiling water and pouring it over them, just to be on the safe side.

Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s burn with some of the scab cut off

My lower burn also started to look better today, with the top of the scab getting cut off.

Recovery from second degree exhaust burns
Scab also coming off Karen’s lower burn

I have been putting pure aloe vera onto the burns every day and it really seems to be helping the healing a lot. Also I have been putting pure extra virgin coconut oil on them. The aloe vera is helping to lift off the old dead skin and heal the new skin, and the coconut also seems to help with the healing.

Now my upper burn I don’t cover unless we’re going out, because I don’t want to bump it on anything and the cover provides a bit of extra protection.

Today I’ve been doing lots of walking across the room on my crutches, and can now put more weight on my left leg than yesterday. It’s also the first day that I haven’t had any drugs at all, not even Nurofen or paracetamol or anything, and I’m feeling fine.

My ankle swelling also has gone down today.  I have done my exercises and can now complete all of them feeling good and strong.  Circling my ankle is still really hard, not from any pain but just from lack of movement being available in my ankle.  I also can’t lift my toes up very much and the back of my leg and heel and ankle is still really tight.  There is no pain at all though so I think and hope this will just be a matter of flexing it each day to improve the movement range.

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