Day 2 – Spaced Out

24 April 2013

Had a good sleep because the drugs knocked us both out. Today I spent the day doing nothing – I was going to read my book but the drugs the doctor gave us – Mefanamic Acid – has pretty much knocked me out for the whole day. I haven’t been able to read much or even watch movies because I’ve been too zonked out from the drugs. The pain hasn’t been too bad because the drugs are controlling it fairly well. Today I went down to the shop for breakfast but it made me feel quite bad so I’ve spent the entire rest of the day laying down with my leg up.

Recovering from second degree burns
My leg up

I have been feeling quite nauseous all day and have had a sore tummy too, I am managing to put my leg out to the side and sort of pivot off it while using all of the strength in my right leg to take all the weight. Towards the end of the day I haven’t even been able to do that, because the blood running down into the wound is just too painful so I have been moving around on the floor on my bum with my leg straight out in front of me.

Dre has spent most of the day sorting out the paperwork and stuff from the accident, even though it was the girls fault, they come from a very poor family and so we agreed to pay for our bike to get fixed as long as they promised to wear helmets and look where they are going in future.

They didn’t even know we were going to crash until it happened, they were so caught up in their conversation rather than watching were they were driving. Anyway they were relieved we weren’t going to make them pay for our bike, and promised to get helmets.

Paet (Thong’s wife who is a nurse) came around to change my dressing and it was incredibly painful. So much more so than I imagined it would be. I was in a good frame of mind and she put a towel under my leg to catch all of the saline solution but when it came to actually removing the dressings it was so intensely painful that I needed Dre to get me a bowl because I thought I was going to vomit. I had to put my head down for about half an hour off the edge of the sofa because I was just feeling so sick.

Healing from second degree burns
Feeling sick while Paet changes my dressings

The gauze especially just wouldn’t come off despite soaking it in saline for about 20 minutes and in the end Paet just had to slowly and carefully get it off while I was sweating until my whole body was covered in sweat and had gone into shock shivering and with my teeth chattering. Not fun. When she was trying to get the top dressing off (after having already removed the bottom one), she also leaned her arm onto my open burn wound which made me yell a fair bit and caused a lot of pain. Now I’m a bit worried about infection because her arm wasn’t washed before she started changing my dressings!

We got a really cool sunset so there was good bits to the day too!

Healing from second degree burns
Good parts of a burn – getting to appreciate your surroundings

Anyway off to sleep to do as much healing as I can.  Read about Day 3 – the worst day ever.

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