Day 18 – A Day Of Celebration

10 May 2013

Today we had another trip to the mall which I am pleased to say I handled much better than the last one.  I am quite strong on the crutches now and was able to get around the mall without a problem and without even stopping to rest.

When we got home though my foot and ankle were swollen and sore again so I spent a couple of hours resting.

After this I felt good again so I decided it was time to attempt some real walking!  I decided this because today is our anniversary – 3 years ago today we left Australia for our Asian adventure, and it’s been so much more adventure than we ever could have guessed.  So to mark the event, I really really wanted to walk.

I did all my excercises and spent some time walking across the room with my crutches and then was ready.  I managed about 5 steps without my crutches.  I was pretty lopsided and couldn’t really do the proper motion of walking but it felt like a really good start.

I took Dre’s dressing off and he decided that this afternoon he would now go bandage free, as his wound has stopped leaking and is looking really good.

Healing from second degree burns
Dre’s burn is now dressing free and scabby

Then I did my first really useful thing since the accident, I sat down at the table and chopped up lots of veges for our dinner and made us a big salad.

Recovering from second degree burns
The first useful thing I’ve been able to do for Dre since the accident

We had a really nice night in (something that these days we only get to do very rarely since living in Asia, we eat out every night either at our shop or somewhere else) and it was so nice to celebrate not only 3  years since we left the western world, but also taking my first proper steps since the accident.

By the time I went to bed my foot and ankle were really swollen, so hopefully that’s just because they’re not used to being walked on.

Healing from second degree exhaust burns
Karen’s lower burn and swollen ankle

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