Day 17 – Walking Around With Crutches

9 May 2013

Today my main achievement has been using both legs to walk around the house, while using my crutches to take the weight for my left leg.  My ankle still won’t bend enough to get the walking motion right, I still think that practising walking will help though.

I have done all my exercises.  My ankle and foot are now really sore, and I have emailed the physiotherapist again to see if she has any advice about the excercises.  I also have pins and needles in the bottom of my foot if I try to put weight on it.  The pressing down ones hurt a lot and hours afterwards my ankle is still quite sore.  I’m not being a baby either!  It’s seriously sore and it seems weird that it’s been so long since I’ve been able to put weight on it or walk.

Anyway, the exciting thing today is that my top burn is looking amazing.  The aloe vera seemed to get rid of the top dead layer of skin and now it is looking really fantastic.

Healing from second degree burns
Karen’s upper burn pretty much healed

My lower burn is a bit more trouble – Dre says it looks like tasty Salmon skin… he knows how much I love Salmon, honestly though it has never really been an ambition of mine to have my leg looking like Salmon skin.

Healing process of second degree burns
Karen’s lower burn still hurting a bit

I also took a photo of my leg getting skinny.

Healing from second degree exhaust burns
On the left, injured leg, on the right, normal leg.

Dre’s burn is now blistering around the edges, where it used to be black. It is also healing really well though and I put some aloe vera on it today too.

Recovering from exhaust burns
Blistering appearing around the edge of Dre’s burn. Main part of burn healing well.

Tonight my leg is still not feeling great, and my muscle relaxant’s run out tomorrow so I will see how I go. I had expected by now that I would be able to bend my ankle properly and walk, so a bit disappointing, still the burns are doing well and now it just seems like the inside of my leg needs to fix itself before I can properly walk. I am guessing this is just going to be a matter of patience, time, and exercise.

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