Day 16 – Resting Up

8 May 2013

Last night after being so shattered and falling asleep when we got home I ended up waking up in the night because my leg and ankle were so sore.  I took a Nurofen and half an hour later took another one and got back to sleep.

This morning I have woken up to a very sore leg, and a swollen ankle and foot.  I feel completely broken from yesterdays outing and so plan to spend the whole day relaxing today.  With how I am feeling just now I don’t even know if I will be able to manage my exercises today.

After breakfast, the muscle relaxant and painkilling drugs, and a shower, I needed a one hour rest on the bed, and now feel a lot better.  I am happy that I can now get in and out of the shower here using the plastic chair that the kind owners left for me and not need Dre to help me.

We have changed our dressings again and my top burn is looking really excellent now.  It is healing so well and has good skin cover.

Healing from second degree burns
Good new skin on Karen’s upper burn

I really want to try to do my exercises this afternoon because now the muscle along my shin is quite sore too and so it seems that all of the muscles connected to the burns are not doing too well.  I really want to do my best to heal them as fast as possible.  My lower burn is still weeping in the one small spot and today I put the pure aloe vera that I bought yesterday at the mall on my burns so hopefully that helps.

Recovery from second degree exhaust burns
Lower burn sore today

Dre’s burn is also looking really good.

Healing from second degree burns
New skin forming on Dre’s burn


Healing second degree burns
Dre’s smaller burn is well healed now with skin cover

Dre had to do the Makro run this morning because the shop is starting to run out of stuff, he had to go and get all of the cheese, bacon, ham, olives, capers, pasta etc that the shop needs and all I was able to do to help him was stand in the lift and hold the doors open while he loaded all the boxes of stuff into the lift and the bottom and back out of the lift at the top.  I really wanted to help more but simply couldn’t.

I am so happy that at least one of us can walk around and do normal things otherwise we’d starve.  Even Dre is really exhausted today from yesterday’s outing and then this mornings so now we plan to spend the whole afternoon doing nothing.

Recovery from second degree exhaust burns
How I spent the entire day today

Evening:  I didn’t manage my exercises today which I’m disappointed about, my ankle is just too sore though.  Have done nothing but rest.

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