Day 13 – Healing Nicely

5 May 2013

This morning first thing Dre went out to buy more bandages, dressings, gauze, saline, scissors and tape so we could change our dressings.  We both woke up with sore legs and we aren’t sure if it’s from the iodine the nurses put on, or just from having to do more stuff being in Thailand, or just still recovering from the massive day we had getting to Thailand.  Dre has to carry me a fair bit still even though I have the crutches, because things like stairs I still can’t do.  Especially the stairs here which are a lot taller in between each step than a standard height in a western country so it’s just too far up or down to hop on one leg.

Karen's upper burn is getting smaller and healing well
Karen’s upper burn is getting smaller and healing well
Recovering from exhaust burns
Karen’s lower burn also getting smaller

Both of our burns are looking excellent, the healing is going so well and we are both really happy with how everything is progressing.

Healing from second degree exhuast burns
Dre’s burn looking great and a lot smaller

This morning as I was laying on the bed I was having an internal debate with myself – about something that I never, ever could have imagined that would ever cross my mind.  Those of you who know me know that I am a very active person, exercising every day and usually running every day as well as other exercise too.

So today I was thinking something along the lines of this:
“I really should move my foot and do some foot exercises”
“Nah, it’s just too much effort.  It’s so much easier to just not move”
“Yeah but I really should move it.  It’s good for me to do it and I need to”
“But really moving my foot is hard.  I just don’t want to make the effort”

Anyway I did end up exercising my foot, gently moving it backwards and forwards because even though it seemed like such an effort I knew I had to do it.  It seems so stupid that something as small as moving my foot would require me actually having to talk myself into it, I suppose though it’s a sign of just how much this whole thing has affected me.  Normally you could ask anyone who knows me and the last word that would ever come to their minds to describe me would be ‘lazy’, but now that my body is forcing me to rest and relax I am more lazy than ever.  I can’t even be bothered to read my books or watch TV, I am just quite content to focus on healing and feel good thoughts towards my leg.  Which is why, I think, that moving my foot won out in the end.

Today I am definitely going to have a go at walking though, even if I can take a step or two it would be a good start.

8pm update: I managed to put my foot on the ground while using the crutches and take all of the weight on the crutches and move forward.  I realised that I can put absolutely no weight at all on my foot or ankle, not even a tiny bit.  I managed to take 2 ‘steps’ using the crutches taking my weight and then my leg was so painful that it was enough.  I had to rest and take more painkillers and then when they kicked in spent an hour exercising my foot moving it backwards and forwards and trying to circle it to gain some more movement.  I really want to walk so I figure any gentle exercise I can do will help to strengthen my ankle.

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