Day 12 – Onward and Upward!

4 May 2013

Plan for the day:  Stay on bed all day.  Maybe watch a dvd or two.  It’s now 3pm and I’m only just starting to think about what I might do for the rest of the day.  Today I am totally exhausted from the trip yesterday and so some rest and relaxation is called for!  All I’ve done so far today is lay around, sleep, eat, and update this blog.  And pretty much what I plan to do for the rest of the day is lay around, sleep, and eat.

My leg is sore today and so is Dre’s and we think it’s just because yesterday was such a big day.  Also my arms, wrists, upper chest muscles and right leg are all sore from the crutches.  I don’t mind though.  The new drugs seem to be going OK and we are both feeling pretty relaxed and mellow.

I know every day from here will be really, really good.

8pm update:  I have been able to put my foot on the floor a bit today without it hurting too much.  I was even able to tentatively touch it on the ground while using the crutches, so tomorrow I am going to have a good try at walking a few steps at least.

I have spent an hour laying on the bed exercising my foot moving it back and forth and side to side and I can almost make a circular movement now so everything has improved a lot with the new muscle relaxant drugs and painkillers.  I haven’t changed the dressing today because we don’t have any spare ones and can’t be bothered to get any more.

Other than that I have rested all day and have only left the room twice, once to go to breakfast and once for dinner (both of which we ate at the hotel so it involved navigating on the crutches for only about 50 metres) and for lunch Dre bought it to the room for me.

It still amazes me at how nice everyone is.  When I went down for breakfast the stairs were dry so it was no problem to go down on my bum and use my crutches at again at the bottom.  At dinner though it had been raining so the stairs were all wet, and a lovely man asked if he could help Dre carry me downstairs, and he did.  Then after we’d eaten another nice man insisted on helping Dre carry me back up the stairs, and then even came to the door to unlock it for me (while Dre had gone back to get the stuff he left downstairs while carrying me) and made sure I got inside safely.  It’s so lovely that everyone is so willing to help.

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