We love Edinburgh

Over the past few days we have stayed in Edinburgh, which is still a city that we absolutely love.  Once again our visit to this city wasn’t long enough, but since we’d done most of the touristy things last time, we got to see some of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which runs through August, and included lots of comedy, shows and circus type acts.  (We got to see a guy swallow a sword, that we verified was real… freaky.)  Sally and Nelson’s wedding was definitely the highlight, and we managed to fumble our way through some Scottish dancing, it was awesome.

Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh


This really doesn’t do justice, the crags are 250m high, and tower over the city.  Instead of taking the easy option of the walking tracks around the base to the top, we decided to go straight up… in some places it was so steep that we were standing up and touching the ground in front of us with our hands, but it was definitely worth it.  The next couple of pics show some of the view, which included of course Edinburgh Castle and all around Edinburgh.

Nelson and Sally’s Wedding


We had an absolute ball at Nelson and Sally’s wedding at Linlithgow Palace, and then at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.  They had a real Scottish ceremony, which was so lovely and it rained just on schedule, right when the bride arrived, and the rain got steadily heavier throughout the ceremony!!  It was so cool though, we were in a huge palace with an open sky and it made it feel really Scottish.  Of course the rain stopped right after the ceremony, in time for everyone to be suitably wet.  Although that may sound bad, it really did add to the fun and atmosphere.

If you want to see all the photos we took at Sally and Nelson’s wedding, click here and then click on the yellow button ‘View Slideshow’

Linlithgow Palace


While Sally and Nelson were getting their wedding photos taken, we explored the wedding venue, Linlithgow Palace.  It is a huge castle just out of Edinburgh, there were so many rooms and it overlooked a lovely Loch.  We had a ball running around the castle and made it back just in time for the Champagne to be opened.