Luang Namtha Pizza

So our return to Luang Namtha involved doing everything to get the pizza oven up and running.  We had Pablo from Guatemala to help us build a bench, to make the pizza on, and we did a small mosaic on one side with the word ‘pizza’.  We managed to get a door and a chimney, and after a few final finishing touches, we were ready and had our opening night!  Our entire effort for the few weeks preceeding had been leading up to the night so it was awesome to finally produce pizza and get good feedback.  The previous few months work finally paid off!

The first pizza to be made in Luang Namtha!  Pizza comes to Luang Namtha

Over the course of the following weeks we did our best to perfect the pizza as much as possible and work with the girls at the shop to learn new recipes and learn to cook new things in the oven.

Luang Namtha Attractions

Apart from spending a lot of afternoons out in the rice paddies watching the sunset, and 2 trips to Thailand, producing and perfecting and eating pizza was pretty much all we did for the past month.  A pretty fun and productive month!