A day on the Nam Tha riverbank

Luang Namtha's Nam Ha NPA & Nam Tha riverWe were thinking of visiting Muang Nale for a couple of days, which we are still yet to do after over a year here.  In the end though, we decided instead to spare ourselves the long journey out there on a really bumpy road, and spend the day about half way between Luang Namtha and Muang Nale on the Nam Tha riverbank.  One of our friends, Lat, owns the beginnings of a resort out there so we thought we’d go check it out and hang out in his riverside bungalows for a bit.

Nam Tha riverIt was a really peaceful day that we both enjoyed a lot, the river is so beautiful and the views across to the Nam Ha National Protected area are stunning.

River hut on the Nam Tha riverAn awesome way to spend the day.  We returned to town to see yet another awesome sunset over the newly planted rice paddies – now is a really nice time to see the rice because it’s all freshly planted and still visibly filled with water so everything reflects amazingly in the still surface of the bright green water-logged fields.  Luang Namtha and it’s surrounds give us so much joy, it’s amazing to think that just over 18 months ago we’d never even heard of this place.  What an awesome, life-changing find it has been!

Luang Namtha's Nam Tha river