Our 6th wedding anniversary

Luang Namtha mountains and rice fields

We were really glad that during the week leading up to our wedding anniversary we took the time to do a few cool things, because on the day we ended up being insanely busy in the shop and only managed a couple of hours time out for ourselves.

Luang Namtha rice harvest, stack of rice stalks

We escaped by motorbike into the rice fields and sat on the left over rice stalks for a while and watched the sunset. It was a nice way to reflect on the last 6 years of married life and also just chill out. We’ve had some pretty cool adventures and we both can’t believe how lucky we are at getting to share that time with each other.

Luang Namtha harvesting the rice

During the week we also spent some time watching the rice harvest – wow what hard work it is! It always amazes us at the level of intensive labour that goes into rice growing, everything from the turning of the fields, planting, tending, harvesting, all of it is very hard work. Another highlight was meeting Simi and Caleb – they contacted us via this blog because they were coming to Luang Namtha and it happened that we all got on really well and we hope to catch up next year in Thailand or somewhere else in the world. One of the major benefits of being here in Luang Namtha is the amazing people we get to meet; we reckon about 5-10% of travellers who come into our shop become more than just aquaintances and are people who we’d definitely hang out with at home and/or again if given the chance. We are lucky to be developing a large network of friends from all over the world so it’s going to be yet another excuse to travel more in future. ;)

Meeting new friends in Luang Namtha Manylin's delicious cooking at Papaya Restaurant, Luang Namtha









We spent our anniversary night eating at our favourite Lao restaurant in Luang Namtha; Papaya. We ordered a feast and Manylin’s cooking as always, lived up to expectations. A fantastic day and week, bring on the next year!