Koh Lanta

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We have spent the past week on the beach in Koh Lanta.   Now that we have arrived at our destination we had to burn our Sukwan strings given to us by Paet, Thong and their friends.  After the first couple of days we found we much prefer the quiet, non-touristy south of the island, so moved here into another beach bungalow on this part of the island.  We have been really lucky to spend time on deserted beaches, go for moonlit swims, and spend lots of time in our hammock.

We both learned to make Som Tum, (green papaya salad) at a local stall that we had been at for a couple of days in a row.  Now that we can speak basic Lao, it easily converts into Thai, and it has gotten us a long way on this island!  Burriam, the lady who runs the stall was so excited that we could speak some Thai that she invited us to learn to make our own papaya salads – she turned out to be an awesome teacher and we have both now made a few salads with her during our daily visits.  The proper ingredients are not particularly easy to find outside Asia though, so won’t be that easy to replicate perfectly, still a really fun experience though!

Motorbiking around the island was another highlight, the eastern coast is very pretty and undeveloped and the national park is stunning too.  The pristine beaches are really beautiful and peaceful so this has been an awesome place to spend the week. Our photos are here.