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We decided to go to see the Sukhothai Historical Park, the sacred ruins of the first independent kingdom of Siam, at sunrise with the hope that we would see the coloured sky over the ruins. As it turned out it was a misty morning and so we didn’t really see the sun until it was quite high in the sky, it didn’t matter though because we still got to be the only people at the site for the first 2 hours we were there, and then there was just one other couple there for the next hour.

The park was even better than we hoped it would be and being there amongst the peaceful energy by ourselves was a perfect way to start our day.  We spent time walking amongst the ruins and ride on our motorbike in between the sites.  As the sky changed from misty to blue and the first light hit the temples it felt very surreal and was amazing to see.

By the time the main hordes of people started to arrive we were finished seeing everything we wanted to see (around 9am) so we went to an amazing Thai restaurant and had Sukhothai noodle soup which was honestly the best noodle soup we have had in Asia.    We rode around for a while looking around the area and then decided to relax at our bungalow for a while. Our host suggested we ride the bike to see the sunset over the rice paddies so we decided we’d do just that. It was a little sad to see the flooded rice fields which provided a gorgeous setting for the sunset – it was like seeing beauty within tragedy. The farmers will be unable to use the rice which has been ruined from the flooding and we felt really grateful to be so lucky in life.

We also visited the food festival and have spent time just wandering around and reading on our balcony. We will probably spend another couple of days here before moving on to Chiang Rai. Our photos are here.