Market Madness

After a recent skype conversation with our good friends Nick and Amber, we promised Nick we would do a blog post on the foods at the local markets.   So Nick, brace yourself, here are many, many photos of the markets.  Also let it be noted, that taking photos of the meat (or should I say chopped up animals, with legs, head etc still intact) got so gruesome that Dre had to take over the photography so that Karen wasn’t sick.  Big tubs of congealed blood, eyes looking at us and hooves with skin, hair and legs still attached got a bit much for us.  The second day we wanted to take photos of the massive water buffalo skulls even Dre couldn’t do it, because the smell was so bad… so you missed out on a few pics.  Mainly these photos are of veges though – many of them unidentified….there are heaps of photos and hopefully enough to keep you happy!

Going to the markets has been a huge part of our daily life as we usually visit the morning market and the evening market and it’s so nice to see all the local people going about their daily lives, and to get delicious meals as well.  So, Nickman, and anyone else who is interested, here are your photos.


I looked at them all…I reckon you can tell alot about a society by their food….and those guys don’t seem to waste anything!! most of that stuff looked really tasty like the BBQ chicken’s in the bamboo sticks with herbs and stuff on them…I also liked that you could still see the eye lashes on the eye…here’s looking at you kid!!!


Thanks Nick… yeah my fave (no action shot because the lady didn’t want a photo) was a lady who was plucking hairs out of one of the pigs heads with tweezers.